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Introducing the CBDLife Power Dab Kit.
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Here we have the Power Dab Rig Kit from CBDlife to make your dabbing experience all the more enjoyable. It can be used with no adaptor or if you prefer you can add either the straight adapter or Erig adapter. These adapter attachments can have water added to them which means that as you inhale the vapour it will cool in the chamber before reaching your mouth.

If you haven’t dabbed CBD before then its best to start on the lowest setting as it can be hot on the throat and cause you to cough. It is also a lot cooler if you draw the vapour into your mouth first before breathing back into lungs.

Power Dab Rig Kit Features:

– 1000mAh 40W variable voltage battery with 510 connection
– Concentrate atomiser with ceramic mouth piece
– Choice of two coils, ceramic or wire
– Dab tool
– USB charger
– Silicone Lined Dab Container
– Carry Case
– Choice of additional water adapter accessories (optional)

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This power Dab Rig Kit is a lot easier to use than traditional manual dab rigs. Watch this entertaining Video of My First Dab if only to see how not to do it.

Assemble and choose settings:

Firstly, attach the concentrate atomiser to the battery. Then turn the battery on by clicking the power button 5 times. Change the power using the up and down buttons. You can cycle between Watts and Voltage by pressing the power button 4 times. We suggest setting the wattage between 20W-30W depending on the attachment. Always start on lower power and work your way up to find the optimum setting for your Dab Rig Kit.

Add Extract and Use:

Add a small amount of extract to your chosen coil and press and hold the power button to melt and vaporise it. Either inhale directly through the mouth piece or odd additional water adapters. Use a mouth to lung action beginning with multiple shallow intakes. Water adapters cool the vapour making the experience much smoother. Make sure to vaporise all of the extract before adding more, this helps stop blockages. See how to deal with those in the next section.

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Cleaning and Maintenance:

After prolonged use the coils may need cleaned or changed. There are many methods available to clean. Firstly, it is best to try and burn off. Simply hold the device upside down and hold the power button. The rise of heat helps to melt any excess extract that can cause blockages. If that doesn’t help, then its best to remove the coil and either apply heat using an oven/hair dryer/heat gun. Make sure the coil is on a ceramic surface like a plate or glass to protect from heat. Also be cautious when handling the coil as it will hold onto the heat after treatment.

If these methods do not work in removing the blockage then you can try bathing the coil in an isopropyl bath. Leave for 10-20mins before removing and then leave over night for the alcohol to evaporate. Before trying the coil again, make sure to power the coil without any extract to burn off any residual alcohol. If none of these methods work, it is time to replace the coil.

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