CBD Softgel Capsules From Purity – 100 x 10mg



Massive 50% OFF! Purity Softgel Capsules are easy to swallow and have optimal absorption. 100 x 10mg Softgels containing broad spectrum CBD Oil with zero THC.

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Purity have decided that while this world crisis continues they are going to do their bit to try and help people stay healthy. Our amazing Purity CBD softgel capsules are a very easy and convenient way to take cbd and are absorbed quickly into your system.
Purity CBD are offering a 50% discount on this easy to take product. RPP £80. Now £40… 100 x10mg CBD oil capsules for only £40!!!
cbd softgel capsules from purity

CBD Softgel Capsules Description

Purity’s phytocannabinoid-rich, broad spectrum CBD capsules are created from the same amazing CBD oil in Purity’s CBD oil bottles. Purity CBD capsules are designed for optimum bioavailability and are a great way to take CBD if you don’t like the taste of hemp. A convenient way for busy people on the move. 

  • 10 mg CBD softgel capsules x100 (1000 mg CBD) 
  • Each of our CBD softgel capsules contain 10 mg of phytocannabiniod-Rich CBD oil with no detectable levels of thc (0.0%) and are non GMO. Great for people on the move. An easy convenient way of taking  CBD oil with no taste or mess. 
  • Lab Tested, Pesticide FREE, NON GMO, CO2 Extraction.

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How To Use 

When we digest CBD it takes around an hour to travel through the digestive system before it is metablised by the liver. At this point it will last in the system for around 8 hours.

We suggest starting on 10mg a day which would be one capsule.

After several days if you feel you want a better effect you can increase to two of the broad spectrum CBD capsules a day. Either both together, or 1 morning and 1 evening.

It’s only you who will know how much you need by listening to your body and adjusting accordingly. Don’t worry you can’t overdose on CBD and can take up to 7 Purity CBD capsules a day.


Polysorbate, Emulsifiers, coconut oil, Thc Free Phytocannabiniod Rich Hemp oil, and terpenes, Gelatine glycerin 

Each capsule contains 10 mg CBD oil 

This is a food supplement and is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition 

Do not exceed 70mgs. 


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