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How much CBD should I take CBD capsules

How Much CBD Should I Take? Beginners Guide

If your new to CBD I can imagine you maybe feeling confused with the question  How Much CBD Should I Take? What is the best CBD Dosage and what strength CBD Oil to buy?

I’ll explain in simple terms what you need to know so you can start your CBD journey with confidence.
I’ll be covering the following:

  • Minimum and Maximum Daily CBD Allowances
  • How Much CBD Could I Take, how long to take CBD for and when to increase your CBD intake
  • Side Effects of using CBD
  • The difference between Percentage and Milligram. %CBD vs. MG CBD

With these guidelines you will be able to understand exactly How much CBD Should I take and which  CBD Oil is best for you.

As a member of the Cannabis Trades Association we don’t make any medicinal claims about CBD. We educate people on how to use CBD but we can’t say it will cure or prevent any diseases.

All CBD products at Excite For Life have been produced within UK legislation. This guarantees you are getting a high quality product.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

If you’re starting out on your CBD journey then we always suggest it is best to start on a low amount and increase gradually.

We are all wonderfully unique with different lifestyles, different bodies and different current states of health. Therefore we all need different amounts and you won’t know how much you personally need until you start to use it.

Therefore we give you some guidelines to get you started then it’s about you listening to your body and seeing if you feel you need to increase or decrease the amount. Here is a guide for how much CBD to take.


Week 1

5-10mg of CBD per day is a sufficient amount to start for an adult. For a child you can start at 1-5mg per day

Week 2

If you feel it necessary you can double the amount you are taking to 10-20mg a day as an adult or for children 2-10mg

Week 3

If you feel it necessary again you can double it to 20-40mg a day for an adult and 4-20mg for a child.
Really its about you finding your own personal sweet spot with CBD.

From my personal experience of using CBD and also from feedback from hundreds of customers you really can’t tell how much someone will need. Its not a one size fits all with CBD Dosage.

Some people are extremely sensitive and only need 5mg a day whereas some people benefit from using a larger amount of 40mg a day as an example.

What is the maximum amount of CBD I can take in a day?

The maximum amount of CBD to use in a day in the UK is 70mg.

I just want to reassure you though that you can’t overdose on CBD and side effects are very minimal.

The world health organisation has classified CBD as safe to use.

world health organisation logo with hemp

Clinical trials have been carried out testing up to 1,500mg a day on patients with various illnesses under the care and observations of medical professionals with little to no side effects.

If our body doesn’t need all of the CBD it will just excrete it so it’s best to only use what you need as otherwise it can be a waste of money.

We are all wonderfully unique so this is a guideline for you to start taking CBD then its about you listening to your body and finding what the right amount is for you.

Increasing gradually will allow you to find your own CBD sweet spot.

Are there any side effects?

Although there are very few side effects, it’s still worth pointing these out and being aware when starting your hemp journey.

In some studies, a small number of people have experienced:

  • Light-headedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhoea

Sometimes it can cause a herxheimer effect on the body which is like a detox. I  personally had this experience when I started using it however most of my customers haven’t experienced it.

If you do feel any side effects then you can either stop taking it for a few days or just reduce the amount you are taking.

Can I take CBD Products if I am on medication?

Cannabidiol can inhibit the Hepatic Metabolism of Drugs.

What this means is that if Cannabidiol is in the system at the same time as the medication it could overpower it and flush it out of the body.

If you are on any medication, we recommend to take it 1 hour either side of the medication.

So as an example you take your medication at 9am then take CBD either 8am or 10am. This just gives the medication chance to get into the bloodstream without being interfered with.

It is always best to consult your doctor and let them know you are using Cannabidiol as a supplement.

Percentage of CBD Versus MG of CBD:

We are frequently asked, here at Excite for Life, ‘What percentage of CBD is in the bottle?’ and ‘What strength CBD Oil should I use?”

Basically the percentage is not a good indicator for you to look at. It is more important to look at the total MG in the bottle and to understand that it is about how many mg you have per serving. 

When you buy CBD products you are paying for the MG of CBD in the bottle.
The percentage is just how much is in the bottle compared to how much carrier oil they have used to mix it with.

The percentage can change depending on the size of the bottle i.e. a 5ml bottle or a 10ml bottle but that doesn’t mean the mg of CBD changes.

Example of MG V %

If you got a 5ml bottle with 2000mg in it it would be 40% CBD and 60% carrier oil.

purity 2000mg 5ml how much cbd to take

However 2000mg in a 10ml bottle would be 20% CBD and 80% carrier Oil.
The point I’m making is that they both have 2000mg in.

purity cbd oil 2000mg

The 40% bottle isn’t stronger than the 20% bottle they are both the same strength oil.

The only difference between the two is that the 20% bottle is 10mg per drop whereas the 40% bottle would be 20mg per drop.

If you are taking 20mg a day you would only need one drop with the 40% bottle as opposed to 2 drops with the 20% bottle.

You only need to go to a higher strength if you are using a lot of MG in a day.

This is only because the bottle will last longer because there are more MG in it and also if you are taking 40mg a day you don’t need to put as many drops in your mouth each time.

So when your buying a CBD Oil if it has 500mg in the bottle and you are taking 10mg a day you know that it will last you 50 days.

500mg/10mg=50 days
However if you are taking 50mg a day it will only last 10 days so you may want to buy 1000mg so it lasts for 20 days. Twice as long.

Watch this video to learn more about calculating CBD Dosage 

We always have great CBD Special Offers which you can Mix and Match across our entire range of CBD Products.

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I always suggest to start on the lowest strength CBD oil.

Then by the time you finish the bottle you will know how many mg each day you have been taking. You can then work out how long your next bottle will last.

Remember it’s the MG you need to look at not the percentage.

How do I know how many CBD drops to take?

It’s really important, when you buy CBD to check how many MG there are per serving. Then you will know how much CBD to take.

Companies who are members of the Cannabis Trades Association follow UK guidelines. They ensure all labelling contains the Mg of CBD in the product. This will be in the form of a food supplement label which is easy to understand. It clearly breaks down how much you get per serving. This makes it easy to answer the question, How Much CBD Should I Take.

Not all companies in the UK and abroad follow these labelling guidelines. These labels can be incredibly confusing and require meticulous calculating in order to work it out.

example of bad cbd label how much cbd to take
Above is an example of a CBD Oil Label that doesn’t clearly show how many mg you get per serving.

Here is the calculation I have used to work out how many mg you get per serving (per drop)

I had to divide the total amount of MG in the bottle by the advised seventy-four servings.

525mg/74 servings = 7.09mg per drop

So, if I wanted to take 40mg per day, I would have to take more than 5 drops of this product.

Working out these labels can be time consuming and confusing as they don’t clearly state the MG per serving. So you don’t know how much you have had.

In the Cannabidiol label below, it’s simple to see and understand how much there is in the bottle and how much is in each serving.

How much cbd should i take good label example

Please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Let’s Learn, Live and Share our CBD Journeys Together


  1. If I want to take 45mg or 90mg per day for a month, which product should I buy and how much would I have to pay for 30-day supply?

    1. Hi Navr,
      You would need to divide the MG in the bottle with the amount you wanted to take each day.
      So as an example 1000mg at 45mg per day would last for 22 days.
      2000mg divide by 45mg per day would last 44 days
      Or you could work it out like this by multiplying the mg per day by 30
      90mg a day x 30 days = 2700mg (this would need to be a 3000mg bottle or 3 x 1000mg)
      I would suggest the Purity CBD Oils range as its cost effective and a great oil.
      Or if you have used CBD before yo may want to try the paste. This is very potent and can be used in the mouth or swallowed in a capsule.
      This paste is 850mg per tube
      Hope that’s helpful if you need anything else just let me know

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