How To Start Using CBD

Here is everything you need to know so that you can start your CBD Journey with confidence.

  • What is CBD?

  • What is the ECS System?

  • How Does CBD Work?

  • How Much CBD Should I Take?

  • What are the best CBD oils for Beginners 

  • Beginners CBD Products 

What is CBD?

If you’re like me when I first heard of CBD your probably wondering " cannabis… (scratches head) Sounds strange that cannabis can be healthy!"

You may even feel concerned that it’s wacky backy and your going to end up high as the sky and eating your own body weight in chocolate and crisps.

Well I’m here to assure you that CBD is just a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. THC is the cannabinoid that causes a psychoactive effect whereas CBD is completely separate and effects the ECS system in a totally different way.

And that’s what the whole point of using CBD is to get it into your bloodstream so that it can feed your ECS system.


What is the ECS System

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was just discovered 30 years ago. It’s the largest neurotransmitter in the body and anything with a backbone has one.

It basically lends a hand in nearly everything that we do but its main roles are

Homeostasis – this is the regulation of the body to bring it to balance. So sleeping patterns, appetite, mood, pain sensation, metabolism, PH Balance, Body Temperature and much, much more.

Immune Protection – Protects the immune system so that the immune system can protect us from disease.

Neuro Protection – This is protection of the nervous system

Stress Recovery- Repairs the body from stress whether that’s emotional, mental or physical stress.


How Does CBD Work ?

Our bodies naturally produce a chemical called Endocannabinoid which attaches to the cells of our ECS system and fuels it so it can do everything it needs to do to keep our bodies in balance.

CBD is nearly identical to the body’s natural chemical endocannabinoid, so when we are deficient and use a CBD supplement it attaches to the ECS system perfectly. Like a key that fits the lock.

Unfortunately some of us are deficient and don’t produce enough endocannabinoids to supplement our ECS System. Therefore it can be beneficial to use a CBD supplement to help the ECS system to do its job.  

You can watch a video here to learn more



Video explaining what CBD is and How CBD Works in the Body


How Much CBD Should I Take?

Well firstly there is no one size fits all with CBD. It really is different for each of us and that’s because we are all wonderfully unique. We have different bodies, lifestyles, past health issues and current states of health.

No matter who you are or your reasons for using CBD we all start on a low amount and gradually increase. A good starting guide is between 0-25 mg a day then after 7 days you can either double the amount or decrease it. Then 7 days after the same process again.

The maximum daily amount of CBD to use is 200mg as recommended here in the UK.

It’s really about starting on a small amount and listening to your body to see how you feel. Its only you that knows what’s best for you and you only know by trying it for a few weeks.

You can watch some videos here for more information

Video about How Much CBD to Take 


Video about How to Calculate CBD Dosage 


What are the best CBD Oils for Beginners?

As I mentioned earlier it’s best to start on between 0-25mg a day and see how you feel. After 7 days if you think it’s necessary you can increase the amount you use by double. Or you may want to decrease it or maintain the same amount. It's really upto you an how you feel.

Listen to your body and see what feels best for you. Don’t worry you can’t overdose on CBD and the side effects are few and far between.

Here's a list of CBD Products that are great to start your CBD Journey with! Enjoy

Beginners CBD Oils

Canabidols CBD Oil 250mg

Picture of Canabidol Cbd Oil 250mg

Picture of Canabidol CBD Oil 250mg

This is a great oil to start with as although there is a subtle taste of cannabis it is very pleasant. You do however need to hold it under your tongue for 10-15 minutes to allow the CBD to be absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth. It’s also very easy to understand how much CBD to Take as the label gives clear serving instructions.

This oil has 20 servings of 13mg each – Half a pipette is one serving

Picture of Canabidols 250mg CBD Oil Dosage Label

Picture of 250mg canabidol CBD Oil label

With this oil you can start on half a pipette each day then after 7 days increasing to a full pipette if necessary. Then if you were taking more than 25mg a day it would be best to move upto the next strength. 

This is a full spectrum oil so it has phytocannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils from the cannabis plant aswell as the CBD. When we use CBD with the other healthy parts of the plant they work in synergy together having a greater impact on the ECS System.

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Cannabigold Classic 500mg CBD Oil

Picture of Cannabigold CBD Oil 500mg

This is another great oil to start your CBD Journey

This again is a full spectrum Oil with all the other healthy cannabinoids and terpenes.

This has a stronger taste of cannabis however this oil only needs to be held under the tongue for 60 seconds.

There are 100 drops in this bottle which equals 5mg per drop.

So with this oil if you were taking 10mg a day you would use 2 drops a day. Then after 7 days increase to 4 drops a day (20mg) if necessary. 

Picture of Cannabigold 500mg CBD Oil

 Cannabigold 500mg CBD Oil

Beginners CBD Edibles

Canabidol CBD Capsules 10mg x 30 =300mg in Total

A Picture of Canabidols CBD Capsules 10mg each in a box of 30

Lovehemp CBD Gummy Bears 10mg x 25 - Total 250mg

CBD Gummy Bears
Beginners CBD Vapes
Canabidol 250mg CBD Vape
Picture of Canabidol CBD Vape 250mg

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Daytime and Nighttime CBD Vape Kits From CBD Life UK

Picture of CBDLife Vape Pen Kit

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Nighttime CBD Vape Kit