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Buy CBD UK Here you will find the finest purveyors of cannabidiol (CBD) in the UK — completely natural supplements sourced from low-level THC hemp. We have selected only the very best collection of CBD products packed with health benefits in our value priced online store. You can easily incorporate them into your own daily and dietary rituals for an alternative, contemporary take on wellbeing.

CBD does not have any intoxicating effects such as those caused by THC in marijuana. It has been featured on CNN, The Sun, BBC, The Daily Mirror and Metro to name just a few.

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  • CBD Oils

    Here you will find a selection of the highest quality CBD oils on the market.

    We work with CBD Suppliers who follow the legislation set in the UK so you can feel assured of their quality and consistency. 

    • No pesticides or residual solvents
    • CO2 Extraction - Cleanest form of extraction
    • Zero THC  
    • Third Party Laboratory Tests
    • Full Spectrum CBD Oils

    Sublingual CBD Oils are placed under the tongue and will usually take around 10 minutes to reach the bloodstream. 

    Once in the bloodstream the CBD will last around 4-5 hours

    If you a beginner to CBD then click here to see Beginners CBD Oils 

  • CBD Edibles

    Tasty CBD Edibles from the UK's leading suppliers of CBD. Each treat has been infused with high quality full spectrum CBD so you can get your daily CBD supplement in an easy and delightful way.

    These are a great way for children to use CBD. We always suggest an adult adminsters CBD to a child.

    When we digest CBD it needs to travel through the digestive system before it is metabolised by the liver and enters the bloodstream.

    This means that it can take roughly an hour to take effect and we also loose a proportion of CBD in the process.

    However this is the longest lasting method of CBD Delivery and will last around 6 hours.

    You can Buy CBD Gummies here in the UK and you can also buy CBD Chocolates

  • CBD Crystals

    CBD Crystals are the highest grade CBD available. It's the purest form of CBD to give you a potent dose. You can use CBD Crystals in various different ways. 

    Make your own CBD Vape Liquids 

    Make your own CBD Oil 

    Dabbing CBD On a Dab Pipe 

    Baking for CBD Edibles

    There are a variety of CBD Crystals such as Isolated CBD, or you can buy terpene infused CBD Crystals. These have a flavour and smell of different cannabis strains. You can also find CBD Wax Crumble which is great for dabbing CBD on a dab pipe. 

    Buy CBD Crystals below or watch the video How to Use CBD Crystals for more information.

  • CBD Capsules

    CBD Capsules are a really convenient way to take your daily CBD Supplement. 

    When we digest CBD it usually takes around an hour for the CBD to pass through the digestive system and metabolised by the liver. Once in the bloodstream the CBD usually lasts around 6-8 hours which is the longest lasting method of using CBD.

    The CBD Capsules come in different strengths from 10mg per capsule upto 25mg per capsule. Plus you can also get the added benefit from capsules with CBD and CBDa. CBDa is the chemical precursor to CBD and although more research is to be done it does give extra health benefits than just CBD. 

    Buy CBD Capsules here   

  • CBD Vape

    Vaping CBD allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream in a quick and efficient way. You can expect it to reach the ECS within minutes and will last for around 1-2 hours.

    You can buy CBD Eliquid that can be added to any e-cigarette. These can be bought for a minimal cost at a vapeshop near you.

    CBD E-liquids can also be added to a nicotine e-liquid or just vaped on their own.

    You can also buy a pre-filled CBD Cartridge with a Vape Pen Kit. These kits come with either day or night CBD Cartridges.

    The day vapes are made with sativa terpenes called Pineapple Express whereas the nighttime CBD Vape is made with Indica terpenes.

    All our vapes have been 3rd party laboratory tested so you can feel assured that you are buying a safe and high quality CBD Vape!

  • CBD Creams

    Here you will find a selection of the highest quality CBD Creams and Balms.

    Using CBD topically on your skin means that you bypass CBD having to go through the digestion system before it is metabolized by the liver and enters the bloodstream. When using a high quality cream it means that the active ingredients will interact instantly with the cells in the skin and just beneath it.

    This is a really quick way to get CBD to the area you want.

    Buy CBD Creams and Balms here 

  • CBD Drinks

    Here you will find a selection of high quality CBD Drinks.

    Wake your morning up with a CBD Coffee or give your orange juice an extra boost with our Water Soluble CBD Drops.

    Or you may want to try our Hemp Tea to relax in the evening with. Whichever you choose, CBD Drinks are an easy way to supplement your health. 

    Drinking CBD allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream through the digestive system. It usually takes from 10-30 minutes for the CBD to reach the cells and will last around 4 hours.

    Buy Hemp Tea and CBD Coffee Here

  • CBD Boxes

    Here you will find the best selling CBD Products all in one box with a massive 25% discount.

    You will also benefit by receiving 20% discount on all future orders. Which means if you provide CBD to your loved ones who want and need it you can receive 20% commissions. How great is it to support your own heath but to also help those you love too and get paid for it.

    Save money on buying CBD by buying a CBD Box. Here you will get a selection of best selling CBD Products all in one box. Try a variety of different CBD Methods like CBD Vaping, CBD Oils, CBD Edibles and CBD Creams.
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