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High CBD bioavailability CBD oil

A Brief and Simple Guide to CBD Bioavailability

CBD bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that reaches the bloodstream. When we take CBD, whether we put oil under our tongues or digest a CBD gummy, some of it is lost on the way to the bloodstream. CBD Under the Tongue When taking a CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue), it is absorbed […]

Animated people amazed by full spectrum CBD products

Here’s Why You Need to Try Full Spectrum CBD (Benefits Explained)

Seriously, you HAVE to try full spectrum CBD! Cannabidiol is perceived negatively as it comes from cannabis plants. However, it is often derived from hemp, not marijuana. A hemp plant is low in THC, which is the cannabinoid that makes you high. However, what if I was to tell you that a little bit of […]

Woman drinking CBD tea

Buy the Best CBD Tea UK and Worldwide

Want a lovely cup of tea and the benefits of CBD at the same time? Look no further! We discuss the best CBD tea UK and worldwide and how you can purchase them as soon as possible. CBD Hemporium We will be talking about CBD tea from CBD Hemporium, a family-owned CBD seller. Their CBD […]

Man taking CBD oil

What Does CBD Taste Like and What Should I Do if I Don’t Like It?

We’re all different and that includes having different taste buds. What is nice to one person isn’t necessarily nice to another. Some love the taste of cannabis, whereas others can’t stand it. To answer what CBD tastes like is easy, but to answer whether or not you’ll like the CBD taste is impossible. If you […]

Buy CBD patches

Where Can I Buy CBD Patches UK and Worldwide

Out of the large variety of CBD products available on the market, one type that doesn’t get as much attention is CBD patches. We’re going to go through what CBD patches are, what differentiates it from other CBD products and where to buy CBD patches not only in the UK, but also worldwide. What Are […]

CBD oil pipette on wooden table

4 Ways to Take CBD

Once you have understood what CBD (cannabidiol) is and how it works in the body, you are probably asking how to use CBD and what is the best way to take CBD? You’re in luck as we go through the 4 ways to take CBD food supplements in your daily routine and each of their unique […]

car cbd oil graphic

Taking CBD and Driving in the UK – Is It Safe and Legal?

Many people have concerns when it comes to taking CBD and driving. We get customers all of the time who ask “if I take this, can I still drive?” or “will CBD impair my driving?”, etc. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about CBD and driving. Understanding CBD Products CBD, short for cannabidiol, is […]

CBD Oils from excite for life

How to Take CBD Oil (Buy Now, Methods, Dosage and FAQs)

CBD as a whole has gained lots of popularity, but the most common type of CBD product is CBD oil. Usually, the first CBD product that people are introduced to is the oil. It is also often used in the production of other CBD products such as gummies and capsules.Welcome to the comprehensive guide to […]

CBD gummies

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Many people who take CBD gummies, especially those new to CBD, ask ‘how many CBD gummies should I eat’? There isn’t one universally agreed-upon number of CBD gummies that you should consume. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the answer is complicated. In fact, the answer to how many CBD gummies you should eat is […]

special offers and coupons

How to Save Money With CBD Coupon Codes UK

We’ve got some exciting news at Excite for Life! We know how important CBD is to our customers and that’s why we want to provide even more deals and CBD coupon codes. We’ve got amazing UK CBD Coupons 2022   You can mix and match across our entire range and benefit from tiered pricing. Buy […]

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