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Cannabis Flavoured CBD Vape Juice from Harmony

Vaping CBD has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. This is no surprise as Cannabis Flavoured CBD Vapes offer such a relaxing experience and furthermore it is the fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream.

harmony CBD e-liquids 

When we vape CBD it only takes a few minutes for it to reach the bloodstream through the lungs. It usually lasts in the system for around an hour. Therefore, its ideal if you are out and about and just want to have a quick, inconspicuous puff.

Harmony Cannabis Flavoured CBD Vape Review

Over the last few years we have tried and tested lots of CBD Vapes and have found the Harmony Range to be the best. Not only are they a great price with a range of strengths available for the beginner and advanced CBD Vaper. They also have the added benefit of being infused with the terpenes from the best loved cannabis strains. This means you can taste the unique flavour profiles of cannabis without getting high.

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Usually CBD E-liquids are made with an isolated CBD mixed with carrier oils of PG/VG and a flavour. However, Harmony have gone one step further by mixing in the terpenes from some of the best loved cannabis strains.

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Terpenes are what give cannabis its taste and flavour. We find terpenes in all plant life and they can have their own unique health benefits.

CBD harmony terpene wheel
As an example, terpenes from Indica cannabis plants have a more relaxing effect however terpenes from Sativa cannabis plants are more uplifting.
You will notice that Indica dominant cannabis strains taste more earthy such as OG Kush or New York Diesel.

og kush vape liquid new york diesel vape liquid
Whereas Sativa Dominant Strains taste lighter and sometimes fruity like Mango Kush and Kiwi Skunk.

mango kush cbd vape kiwi skunk cbd vape
What I really love about the Harmony range of vapes is that they can be vaped in any size vape pen. So if you already have a vape pen you maybe use for nicotine then these vapes will mix nicely into your existing pen. It can be vaped on its own or mixed with nicotine.
Don’t worry if you haven’t already got a vape pen as you can buy Harmony CBD Vape Kit. This includes a battery and also a prefilled cartridge. You just need to screw the two together and vape away. Once the cartridge runs out you can buy a replacement cartridge.

harmony vape pens

I also love the range of strengths available as you can get a 30mg, 100mg, 300mg or 600mg. If you are new to vaping CBD then its always best to get the lowest strength of 30mg which is only £6.99.
If after you had tried it and wanted to get something a bit stronger you could move up to the higher strengths. Higher strengths means that you wouldn’t need to have as many puffs to get the same effect.
You may want to try a few different weed e-liquid flavours or strengths to see which you like best. If so you can take advantage of one of our great special offers. You can mix and match across our entire range and get

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Alternatively if you are looking for a cannabis vape that contains no PG/VG then it is best to use a broad spectrum CBD Vape. These vapes are different because they are made using a broad spectrum CBD oil as opposed to an isolated CBD. This means you will get more of the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.
You can see our full range of cannabis flavoured CBD Vapes here
Alternatively to watch a video on How to Vape CBD Click Here.

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