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420 cannabis events UK

Prepare for 420 Events UK and Our 420 Sale

What Is 420?

420 is an annual celebration for cannabis lovers. It provides an opportunity for enjoying cannabis socially and to campaign for the legalisation of cannabis. The origins of 420 is a much larger story.

Cannabis, CBD and 420 Events UK Coming Up

Where to Be During 420

Join various other cannabis lovers and campaigners in the 420 events UK at the following locations on the 20th April 2022 (or around that date).

1. Hyde Park in London

Thousands of people (sometimes around 10,000) visit Hyde Park every year for 420. It is arguably the largest of all 420 events UK (and maybe the world) and it won’t be any different this year. No sign ups are required. Just attend the park on the 4th of April 2022 and enjoy. The event usually lasts from around 12PM to 6PM, but there’ll be plenty of people there before and after.  

2. Hyde Park in Leeds

Similarly to Hyde Park in London, many in the West Yorkshire area attend Hyde Park in Leeds to celebrate 420 cannabis events. Watch this video to see a packed Hyde Park (Leeds) in 2021.

3. Platt Fields Park in Manchester

Platt Fields Park is another large park where 420 is annually celebrated. Located in central Manchester, it is one of Manchester’s major outdoor sites for events.

4. Glasgow Green in Glasgow

Glasgow’s oldest park, Glasgow Green, is large, beautiful and the place to be for Scots during 420!

The CBD Show

Hosted at the London Olympia on April 22nd-23rd 2022, The CBD Show will be a wonderful experience for anybody who is passionate about cannabis or CBD. The world’s best CBD products and experts (including retailers, industry professionals, wholesalers and more) will be at the show, allowing for all who are visiting to build a wealth of knowledge surrounding CBD. The best part is that the experience is free.

420 cannabis events UK

Product Earth Expo

The Product Earth Expo takes place in NAEC Stoneleigh on August 19th-21st. This event celebrates all things cannabis-related. Last year’s Product Earth Expo event saw trade stalls, talks and non-stop entertainment. This three day event is a great opportunity to not only have a lot of fun, but build new connections and gain a wealth of knowledge. You can buy tickets for Product Earth via Eventbrite

World CBD Awards

Everything mentioned so far is based in the UK. The World CBD Awards, however, is in the Fira Centre in Barcelona. Maybe it’s about time you go on a holiday, eh? This event is for a whopping 4 days between 12th-15th July. The event consists of a B2B expo, conferences, networking, the formal gala and World CBD Awards, an after-party, green room meetings and much more.

The Excite for Life 420 Sale

Prepare yourself for the Excite for Life 420 UK 24-hour flash sale on the 4th April 2022. It will last only a day, but it will be our biggest sale ever. All we can say for now is stay tuned…

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  1. Susan C

    I’ve never been to an outdoor 4/20 event. Looks fun. Is it on 20th April as some dates say 4th April, which be 4/4 , thanks & happy 4/20 Rachel & everyone 🙂☮🎵

    1. Hi Susan, I’m sure the events will be fun with lots of nice people. Yes they are on 20th April as it was started in America they put their month and day the opposite way round to us so 20th april is 4/20! Happy 4/20

  2. Bruce Dilis

    Is there a gathering at platt fields today?

    1. Hi Bruce, I would certainly imagine so as there is every year 🙂 Happy 4/20!

  3. Bruce Dilis

    Sweet thank you
    Happy 420

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